JDY-25M Bluetooth 5.0 BLE5.0 Mesh Networking Module


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JDY-25M super Bluetooth function supports master-slave transparent transmission, iBeacon, BLE probe, iBeacon detection, MESH networking, the maximum number of MESH networking supports 65280 device networking, adopts multi-hop wireless anti-collision technology, networking communication speed supports 50mS Send 12 bytes of data, a single module supports routing interrupts and terminal nodes, routing interrupts support data relay (low transmission is not supported), terminal interrupts support low priority (automatic sleep after pressing the key to wake up after sending data), JDY-25M networking Generally, you only need to configure the networking NETID, and the short address, the module will automatically network, the networking module communicates with the APP as transparent transmission, which greatly facilitates users to develop APP compatible with the old product APP.

Product Features:
  • Support transparent transmission of APP data with mobile phones (IOS, ANDROID) (working current is about 1mA)
  • Support module and module master-slave high-speed transparent transmission
  • Support iBeacon function (ultra low power consumption)
  • Support iBeacon probe function
  • Support BLE Bluetooth probe function
  • Support multi-slave mode, multi-slave connection can be connected with multiple mobile phones, and transparent transmission at the same time
  • Support Bluetooth MESH (network serial data communication, output IO control, input button control) networking
  • MESH networking sends data to support response and no response communication
  • Networking remote control
  • Multi-connected master-slave hybrid connection (the master is connected to the slave at the same time, and the slave is connected to the mobile phone at the same time, working at the same time)
  • Working voltage 1.9 – 3.6V
  • Working temperature -40-85°C
  • Maximum transmit power +4dbm
  • Communication distance 80m
  • Bluetooth version BLE5.0
  • Antenna PCB onboard antenna
  • Antenna gain -3dbi
  • Receiving sensitivity -96dbm
  • SMT soldering temperature <260℃
  • Communication interface UART
  • Module size 27mm * 12.88 *1.6
  • Communication speed between slave and APP 8k(byte/s)
  • MESH communication speed 50ms send 12byte
  • Average current
    • Non-MESH mode wake-up (transmission) current is about 1mA
    • Non-MESH mode slaves have broadcast light sleep within 200uA (related to broadcast interval)
    • MESH mode wake-up communication current is about 4mA
    • MESH mode sleep current 3uA
    • Deep Sleep mode 3 uA

Documentation please see on this page.

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