EY-40 Wireless Transceiver Module, Serial UART, GPIOs, 2.4GHz


  • Based on BEKEN BE2461 IC solution.
  • Low Power, use two AAA battery can work at least a year if only using digital TTL switching functions.
  • Multiple mode supported, save the need of extra MCUs:
    • Transparent data transmission mode via uart interface to MCUs
    • Support digital switching TTL signal mode, corresponding pin to pin TTL signal from transmitter to receiver.
    • Compatible with other JDY modules, like JDY-08, JDY-16, which supports phone bluetooth APP. The control can send through -> phone APP -> bluetooth module JDY-08 -> via uart to -> multiple EY-40
  • Longer range, open sight transmission distance is about 120M
  • Cheap price.

For more information please check English use manual.

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