[retired] CC1101 SI4463 Wireless RF Transceiver UART Module [Type]


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General Features

  • Serial UART interface, on board management chip STM8S.
  • Support various type of antenna: PCB antenna, rod/bar antenna, spring coil antenna, “snake” type antenna for DIY, etc.
  • Pins Definition: VCC, GND, RX, TX and SET pin.
  • Except the standard 2.54 pins, stamp holes pins also available for on-board SMD soldering.
  • Nearly same configuration set by UART AT commands
  • Working mode (FU1~FU4), direction transsmion mode
  • Power Supply: 3V3 – 5.5V Power and Logic
  • Module Size: 27.8 x 14.4 x 4 mm
  • Frequency at 433.4 (433.4-470) Mhz, 127 channels available to switch
  • These boards also supported by our wireless relay shield.
  • Both modules in same form factor, and similar PCB layout.

Features CC11 (retired):

  • Chip CC1101
  • Open area transmission distance:  1 ~ 40 Meters (not less than 1 meter)
  • Current Use @ Power Saving Mode:  3.4 ma

Features CC44:

  • Chip SI4438
  • Open area transmission distance:  1000M @ 500 bps, +20dBm
  • Current Use @ Sleep Mode: 22 uA

Packaging only include one piece of EC11 or EC44 module, with a spring coil antenna.

Note: extra/advanced features may not supported, please contact us about it before you try.

Documentation: See more information about the AT commands and working mode here.

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