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Networking Module USR-TCP232-T2, is a new, small volumes of serial-to-Ethernet module, which is a RJ45 Ethernet ports can be achieved between the direct and TTL serial transparent data transmission equipment. And it can be applied by the level conversion circuits 232 and 485.

T2 module low-power, full-speed operation consumes only a small current. M0 series equipped with 32-bit processors running at speeds as fast and efficient. Meanwhile module diverse functions to better meet customer needs.

T2 module is simple, and compatibility. Adding new features based on the still compatible with K1 and T24 series set protocol for the old user convenience. At the same time, it increased protocol similar to K3 and set M4, the use of other products the customer protocol settings, just a simple adjustment can be applied to T2.


  • DHCP function, can automatically obtain IP
  • DNS server address can be custom settings
  • DNS function, DNS
  • Convenient parameter, you can configure parameters through the pages, also available through AT commands to configure the serial port
  • Firmware upgrade function via the network, upgrade the firmware easier
  • 10 / 100Mbps auto-sensing Ethernet interface supports AUTO-MDIX crossover network cable directly connected automatically switch
  • From 600bps to 460.8Kbps baud rate can be set to support None, Odd, Even, Mark, Space five kinds of check
  • Selectable operating modes TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP Client, UDP Server, HTTPD Client
  • Parameters can be set via the serial port or network, set the protocol provided for customers to integrate their own software to go
  • It supports virtual port, supporting someone independent development USR-VCOM software
  • Custom heartbeat mechanism to ensure true and reliable connection and eliminate dead connection
  • Custom package registration mechanism to detect the connection status, but also do custom header
  • Under TCP Server mode, the number of connections Client can be set at between 1-16, default 4, connected Client’s IP can be displayed, calculated according to the connection to send / receive data.
  • MAC address custom factory programming globally unique MAC address
  • Software restore factory settings, you can open the hardware factory reset function
  • Across gateways, switches, routers run
  • You can work in the local area, but also to access the Internet
  • Provides programming examples (socket), VB, C ++, Delphi, Android, IOS, etc. Rich practical use cases can download the official website.

Documentation please see on this page.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Gloria (verified owner)

    Ethernet to RS232 bridge for our microcontroller, add network function

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