[Retired] ENC28J60 Arduino IE Ethernet shield (w/POE and SD Card Holder)


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IE shield is a Ethernet shield which use the ENC28J60 Etherent ship instead of the W5100 Ethernet chip. And it integrated the SD slot and may interface breakout.
This Ethernet shield support the POE function, you can use use the twisted-pair to power it and the Arduino board below, instead using the USB prower or external power jack supply. If your router or moden don’t support POE, then you can use this cable to mix the signale and power for POE supply.

There is many interface breakout on board. There is a Ethernet SPI control interface on the board, which the same breakout as our ENC28J60 module.

What’s new of v1.1:And there are IIC and UART interface on board, some AD interface and GPIO interface.  Now you are very easy to make your Ethernet arduino project with variety existing sensor module. And we reserve an PWM/AD interface on board, you can use it as a PWE output and with some components it will be a sample DA ouput.

There just a samll change from v1.0 to v1.1, we change the interface breakout pins to make it compatible with many sensor moulde/ brick 3 PIN interface. So now you can easy use it whith these sensor module or electronic brick.

Library Switch


If you put a jumper with D10 and CSn, then it means you connect the D10 pin of Arduino Duemilanove/Uno which is the chip select pin of hardware SPI interface to control the ENC28J60 CS signal,then you don’t need to change anything of the library but just use them. But with this setting, you just can use the Ethernet function only and can not with the SD function at the same time.

If you need to make the Ethernet and SD function with Arduino Duemilanove/Uno at the same time, then put the jumper with CSn and D8. Now the D10 hardware SPI CS of ATMega328/168 is not connect with any CS pin for either ENC28J60 or SD card. And now the D8 pins of Arduino Duemilanove/Uno connect to the CS of ENC28J60 chip and the D9 connect to CS of SD card.

So this hardware setting will not compatible with the library again, so we need to make a small change of the SPI drive code in  library (Open-source TCP/IP stack) :

#define CSACTIVE digitalWrite(ENC28J60_CONTROL_CS, LOW); digitalWrite(8, LOW);
#define CSPASSIVE digitalWrite(ENC28J60_CONTROL_CS, HIGH); digitalWrite(8, HIGH);

Now the Open-source TCP/IP stack library  can be used with the IE shield. But we didn’t test the Ethernet_ENC28J60 library, so we don’t sure if this modify will work with it.

For the SD function, we also suggest two library for you. One is the File logger library, it just can use for logging data into the specific file in SD card. It’s very small and practical. And the other one is TinyFAT, it’s more powerful than former, it’s a tiny file system and support many read/write function of SD card operation.

If you want to use these libraries with IE shield SD slot, you need to make the same change on the library :

#define SPI_SS_HIGH()  PORTB |= _BV(SS); digitalWrite(9,HIGH);
#define SPI_SS_LOW()   PORTB &= ~_BV(SS); digitalWrite(9,LOW);

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