The internal integrated TCP / IP protocol stack can realize two-way transparent transmission of network data packets and serial port data.

It has four working modes: TCP CLIENT, TCP SERVER, UDP CLIENT, and UDP SERVER.

The host computer software or serial command is easy to configure and convenient.

Chip Features:

  • Internal Ethernet media transport layer (MAC) and physical layer (PHY)
  • Realize two-way transparent transmission of serial data and network data
  • Support 10 / 100M, full duplex / half duplex adaptive Ethernet interface, compatible with 802.3 protocol
  • Support MDI / MDIX automatic conversion
  • Support DHCP to obtain IP address automatically, support DNS domain name access
  • Set the chip’s working mode, port, IP and other network parameters through host computer software and serial commands
  • Working mode supports TCP CLIENT, TCP SERVER and UDP CLIENT, UDP SERVER 4 modes
  • Supports up to two independent serial ports at the same time, independent transparent transmission
  • Serial baud rate supports 300bps to 921600bps
  • Serial TTL level, compatible with 3.3V and 5V
  • The serial port supports full-duplex and half-duplex serial port communication, and supports RS485 automatic switching
  • Support and provide virtual serial port software
  • Support KEEPALIVE mechanism

Board Features:

  • Board power supply 5V or GND
  • On Board RJ45 ethernet connector.
  • Pin Definitions:
    • RESET: Restore factory setting pins, module power-on detection, active low
    • DIR: RS485 receive and transmit switch control pin
    • TCPCS: TCP client mode, port connection status indicator pin, output low level after successful connection
    • RUN: module running status indication pin, input 2Hz square wave
    • GND: power ground pin
    • 3.3V: 3.3V DC power input pin, greater than 200mA, select one of 5V DC power
    • GND: power ground pin
    • 5V: 5V DC power input pin, more than 200mA, and either 3.3V DC power
    • RSTI: reset pin, internal pull-up, active low, floating if not needed
    • CFG: serial port configuration module enable pin, built-in pull-up, active low, can be left unconnected
    • RXD: serial data receiving pin, serial TTL level
    • TXD: serial data transmission pin, serial TTL level
  • Very compact PCB size 48 * 24 mm (not include the hang out of RJ45)
  • Two and two half installation holes.

Documentation of use guide please see GIF here. Config tool please find in our bitbucket wch_ch9121.

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