EE2 Lora Module 1W (max.) 30dBm 8KM, Serial UART [Frequency]

EE2 Lora Module 1W (max.) 30dBm 8KM, Serial UART [Frequency]





  • Price is for one piece of module only, not for two, images only show back and front side.
  • Highly reliable design and prefessional production.
  • Up to 1W power (our mini version is 100mW), 30dBm, very easy to get 2-3 KM range by a simple setup, get maximium up to 8KM according to test.
  • Supported 433mhz, 868mhz, 915mhz and 170mhz.
  • You may need a pair to make it send and receive, not sure it can interfacing with other module.

More specification, working mode can see on this page


Please purchase other high quality antenna alone, our free included compact-size antenna can only reach medium level distance performance.

Pin Definiton

  • M0 M1 for configuration, configure it these two on high or low TTL and power up to enter into configue mode or working mode
  • TXD RXD – UART serial interface
  • AUX- wake on air pin, working status LED, also can confige as GPIO output.
  • VCC GND – Power supply pins.

Other Features:

  • Transmisson current – 675mA, receive current – 15mA, sleep current 1uA



Additional information

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