• On board UART-RS232 interface, DB9 connector, greate for long distance up to 15 meters, reliable wire cable connection.
  • On board infrared receiver and transmitter, support linux software LIRC, also can use in XMBC or other applications. The setup is:
  • On board two control buttons via IO20 and IO21.
  • Break out interface:
    • SPI: CLK MISO MOSI CE0 (board inside) GND 3VD
    • SPI: CLK MISO MOSI CE1 (board outside)GND 3VD
    • IIC: SCL SDA 3V3 GND
  • All other used GPIOs pins with 3.3V, GND row pins.
    • IO18 IO27 IO22 IO23 IO24 IO25 IO4 IO5 IO6 IO12 IO13 IO16 IO19
  • On board LDO AMS1117 to provide high current on 3.3V, on board power LED.

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