Mini Boost Buck DC Board, Battery Drainer [Ver]




Use the full battery juice, it is a battery drainer.

Version R2 OPM1134

  • Board dimension 14.5 x 9.5 mm
  • Backside added reserved parts for the enable button, 5730 high-bright LED.
  • Tested working with AA/AAA and CR1220, but not capable with CR2032 to drive the LED
  • Use a different chip, but does not mean better performance.
  • Lowest input voltage down to 0.9V

Version R1 OPM1133

  • Super mini size 11.5×9.5mm, SOT23-6 IC with only three caps, no inductors
  • Input Voltag 1.8-5V, output 3.3V up to 150mA
  • Constant Frequency Operation at All Loads. Low Noise Constant Frequency (1.2MHz) Operation
  • Automatic Soft-Start Reduces Inrush Current
  • Shutdown Current <1 uA, No load current is 1.77mA.
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • Standard 2.54 pin output, 3.3V-GND-VIN (face to top), can be used as a normal SMD part.
  • EN pin available to set on/off for the module

Version R3 OPM1135

  • Battery version, default includes AA battery clip, not soldered. If you need AAA clip please add an order note.
  • On board lock-switch ON/OFF
  • Three high bright LEDs
  • Lead out input and output power supply pins

Board Features:

  • Can be inserted onto your main board by pin headers or direct soldering vertically

Each purchase is for one board only.

Version R1 OPM1133 Documentation please see on this page.

Version R2 OPM1134 documentation see here.

Battery drainer info see here. 

Additional information

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