DC-DC Step-down Power Module, MP1584 [Fixed-Output]


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  • Use genius MP1584 IC, aiming for more professional and long term comercial project. (many other mp1584 module may not genuine IC)
  • All the rest periphferial parts are also high quality.
  • Fixed output either 5V or 3.3V from 6.5-28V input
  • Input from right side, and output on right, please see back side pin definition.
  • Adjustable version (the breakout board use potentiometer or multi-turn trimmer pots) is bad for long term use, due to external temperature, vibration, etc.
  • Can be embedded as SMT or DIP part.
  • Work frequency 1.5Mhz, output current 2.5A can work for long term
  • 2000V ESD test as human model
  • Module size 16.5 * 22 mm.

Documentation please see on this page. 

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1 review for DC-DC Step-down Power Module, MP1584 [Fixed-Output]

  1. 4 out of 5

    brandonw (verified owner)

    Well built module. I like the castellated edges so I can surface mount this on my board. I don’t like the resistor values used to set Vfb. FOUR resistors are used to create the divider. Even with so many resistors, the Vout calculation is about 5.14V for the 5V module. I confirmed this is indeed the output voltage by measuring the voltage.
    Also, I was able to convert a 5V module into 3.3V by replacing the 300k resistor (304) with an 82k. So that’s handy.

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