5A High Power, High Efficiency, Low Ripple module, with power indicator and heat sink


  • Module type: Non-isolated Buck Module (BUCK)
  • Input voltage: 4-38V (Please try not to exceed 38V as input)
  • Output voltage: 1.25-36V continuously adjustable
  • Output current: 0-5A, recommended for use within 4.5A.
  • Output power: It is recommended to use within 75W. If more than 50W, please add heat sink.
  • Working temperature: -40~+85 degrees
  • Working frequency: 180KHz
  • Conversion efficiency: up to 96% (efficiency related to input, output voltage, current, voltage difference)
  • Load adjustment rate: S(I) ≤ 0.8%
  • Voltage adjustment rate: S(u) ≤ 0.8%
  • Power indicator: Yes
  • Short circuit protection: Yes (limited current 8A)
  • Over temperature protection: Yes (automatically turn off the output after over temperature)
  • Input reverse connection protection: None, (If necessary, please input a large current diode in the input string)
  • Installation method: 2 x Dia. 3mm screw
  • Wiring method: welding, V-IN is input, V-OUT is output
  • Module size: length 54mm width 23mm height 18mm

More documentation please see here. 

Additional information

Weight 0.015 kg
Power Solutions


Power Features

Efficiency up to 95~100%, Max. In voltage up to 30-50V, Output Current 5-10A, Power up to 50-100W, Wide and High Input Voltage


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