• The 4-channel independent dedicated charging management IC can effectively support the maximum current charging of various mobile phones, and the charging speed is fast, safe and reliable.
  • The charging recognition IC is compatible with Apple’s full range of products (backside recognize IC), and most mobile phones can achieve the fastest charging speed.
  • Support 4 channels of USB for 2A current charging at the same time, the current is large and the charging is fast, and the total output current can reach 8A.
  • The input use MOS tube to protect reserved wrong connection, and maximize conversion efficiency and reduce loss.
  • The output is protected against overvoltage to protect the phone.
  • The 8-35V ultra-wide input voltage and 12V 24V are perfectly supported.
  • The synchronous rectification scheme can effectively reduce the heat generation and improve the efficiency, and the efficiency can reach up to 96%.
  • The industry’s advanced flat line high current inductance, large current and small heat generation, high conversion efficiency.
  • 4 high-quality chip capacitors, and then increase the capacity of MLCC capacitors, the output ripple is lower, and the interference is smaller.
  • High-quality double-layer gold-plated USB port, the life is twice that of ordinary USB.
  • The default delivery is about 5.2V output voltage.
  • Support Apple and Samsung fast charge protocol, see the testing here.


  • Input voltage: DC 8-35V
  • Input current: 5.5A
  • Output voltage: 5.2V
  • Output current: total maximum 8A, current adaptive, mobile phone single port charging up to 2A.
  • Dynamic response speed: 300us (load flow change 5%)
  • Conversion efficiency: 95% (12V to 5.2V3.5A measured, efficiency is related to differential pressure and load size.)
  • Load regulation rate: 0.2-0.3% (10%-50% load 12V input measured)
  • Ripple & Noise: 120mVP-P (20MHz bandwidth 12V to 5.2V3A measured)
  • Switching frequency: 100KHz
  • No-load current: 18mA (measured by 12V car 5V)
  • Wiring method: IN input OUT input terminal block DC seat
  • Fixed method: M3 * 1 M2 * 2
  • Net weight: about 36 grams

Supporting devices: mobile phones, digital cameras, tablets, navigators, driving recorders and other devices that require USB power. It can charge 4 mobile phones at the same time, and the total current of 4 channels is 8A.
A variety of input and output methods, support for cable terminal input, DC jack input, output support 4 * USB output, terminal output 5V.

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