DC Step-Down ADJ Module, 2.5-4A, MP2307


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  • 5-24V input voltage range
  • Output voltage range: 0.93 V-18V (antihypertensive work mode, enter at least greater than the output 2V or more)
  • Output Current: continuous 2.5A,  peak output 4A!
  • Switch: with Soft-off feature! Shutdown current as low microampere level.
  • Size: 45mm * 32mm * 16mm
  • The ultra-high reliability of the inputs and outputs are solid capacitors.
  • On board IC called MP2307CN

Technical Description:

  • Using synchronous rectification technology! The highest efficiency up to 98%!
  • Note: the new version upgrades reverse polarity protection, maximum efficiency can only reach about 95%, the highest efficiency of up to about 98% of the shorted protection diode.
  • Efficiency measured: 12V to 5V and 18V to 12V, see the attached pictures for proof:
  • 12V turn 5V efficiency = (5V * 1.001A) / (12V * 0.431) = 96.7%
  • 18V to 12V efficiency = (12.019V * 1.001A) / (18.01V * 0.679) = 98.38%

Case 1:

  • 12V to 5V Efficiency = (5V * 1.001A) / (12V * 0.431) = 96.7%

better than 2596 2

Case 2:

  • 18V to 12V Efficiency = (12.019V * 1.001A) / (18.01V * 0.679) = 98.38%

better than 2596

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2 reviews for DC Step-Down ADJ Module, 2.5-4A, MP2307

  1. Jacques (verified owner)

    This step-down module is easy to use and reliable. I used one to power a 5 V ip camera on a 12V car battery. My main concern was to optimize the efficiency of the conversion so the ip camera could run for more than one week on the car battery. This is when this step-down comes to be very useful, as it is much more power efficient than a 7805 linear converter.

  2. 3 out of 5

    medvonok (verified owner)

    Surely it is more effective than LM7805 but has trouble sustaining a current exceeding 2A. It is difficult to mount a radiator on this module.

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