RS422-TTL Module, Full Duplex, RS-422


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  • Pin definition:
    • A = R +
    • B = R –
    • Y = T +
    • Z = T-
  • To run a loop test, connect A->Y, B->Z. Connect USB-TTL bridge for example PL2303TA, TXD to RXD, RXD to TXD, 5V-5V, GND-GND.
  • RS422 interface, two-way communication, full duplex. A B Y Z GND interface, GND can be used, ultra-long transmission 1000 meters
  • with 15KV ESD TVS diode, anti-lightning, anti-peak voltage
  • On board 10 ohm current-limiting, overcurrent protection resistor
  • 120 ohm termination resistor, effectively reduce the long-distance communication echo interference
  • On board power indicator
  • RS485 interface with 2-wire and 3-wire mode, to provide GND, can be chose to use
  • RS485 interface using the conventional 301 terminal, wiring is simple, the user can also self-welding 2.54mm pitch pin
  • TTL side, using 5V DC power supply RXD TXD compatible with 5V logic signal
  • the communication rate of 2.5MBPS
  • Randomly send MAXIM or SIPEX ICs board.

Note: The current board version is green, Z and Y pins are swapped, please check this in wiki page below.

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