• Standard shield for raspberry pi, 2*20 pin header connector, 4 matched installation holes
  • On board SPI to CAN bus output converter
    • Tested working with our CAN BUS module, or CAN USB module here (version TJA1050).
    • RS-485 data direction default control by transistor automatically on board, but can also control by GPIO IO4 / pin7.
    • On board MCP2551 SPI-CAN converter clocking on 12mhz, and SN65HVD230 CAN BUS transceiver.
    • Output on pinheader and terminal H / L
  • On board Serial UART to RS-485 bus converter
  • Lead out SPI interface and UART interface
  • On board power indicator LED.

Use guide for raspberry pi and python please see here. 

Demo code for customers please see our this git folder.


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