4 Digits, 7 Segment LED Display Module, 74HC595


There is four 7 segment display inside of this module, with a PCB control back board.

See the pictures about how it looks like.


  • Standard 5135 enclosure, nice look, easy to install on devices. The mounting hole dimension should 72*39 mm, and you need leave two extra cutout place for the “ear” on the side of the panel.
  • All these four seven segment display controls by 4 pieces 74HC595 ICs where are on the back PCB board. All the segment display are current limited.
  • Static driven, when the number is not changing, MCU don’t need to refresh it, save MCU resources.
  • Simple interface: +5V, -5V, data, data shift  CLK, latch LCK, only need 3 wires to MCU, save resources.
  • Can connect in series, e.g. four displays, can connect one by one, and only connect the three wires of the first display to MCU is enough.
    • VCC, GND, SDI – DATA in, SCK|CLK – clock, RCK|LCK latch lock
  • If you don’t need enclosure, there are four screw holes, easy to install too.
  • Can display the dot symbol.
  • Needs 300mA to display 8888, because the high brightness.


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