4 Digits Segment Display Header Clock Meter 0.56” [Version]


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Integated with TM1650 control chip. The TM1650 chip integrates MCU input and output control digital interface, data latch, LED driver, brightness adjustment and other circuits,

  • 8-level brightness adjustable,
  • High-speed 2-wire serial interface (CLK, DAT). Could use normal I/Os.
  • Voltage: 3.3-5V
  • Digital tube type: 0.56 inch
  • Size: 55.5x21x10.5mm
  • Shell size: 60x29x21.5mm
  • Shell fixed size: 58×25.5mm

Supported version:

  • Clock – with middle colon
  • Display header – with decimal point
  • Interactive header – with decimal point + four keys on back

Demo code please see our arduino code on github.

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