• Weight: 20g
  • Display color: Red+Red
  • Display mode: Dual three 0.28 LED digital tube
  • update rate: About 500 ms/time
  • Physical size: 48 x 29 x 26 mm (L*W* H)
  • Opening size: 45 x 26 mm (L*W)
  • Supplyvoltage: 3.5-30V
  • Lead wire length: 14 cm(Five wires)
  • Measurement range: DC 0.00-9.99A(current)0-100V(voltage)
  • Operation temperature: -10 degrees~65 degrees
  • Measurement accuracy: ± 1%


  • Update to R2 version, please notice the differences of the image.
  • If you take long time to measure the current more than 6A, please weld the lead directly on the electrical outlet in case the instability of the circuit caused by the temperature of contact impedance!
  • Voltage display color red
  • Current display color blue

Use Instruction please see on this page.


Additional information

Weight 0.03 kg

1 review for Digital Ammeter Voltmeter DC0-100V/10A R2

  1. 5 out of 5

    diazfjg (verified owner)

    Very nice V/I indicator, it is useful for variable dc power supply. Good quality and low price

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