Energy Meter HLW8032 Breakout Board

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Please use two middle pins for power AC mains input, two side pins for load output. Please check attached image. (few old version has wrong silk print.)

Board Features:

  • Based on official design, on board HLW8032 measurement circuits.
  • All standard sensing parts, 4x 470K resistors for input voltage, 2mR sensing resistor for current.
  • No need cilibration, output data baudrate 4800. Output register value instead of pluse of HLW8012.
  • On board AC-DC power supply circuits MP150 for HLW8032, offer about 60mA current. No need extra AC-DC circuits or unit to power it up.
  • Fully isolated output, safe to use, output pins GND, M_RX, M_PF, VCC. Output RX includes voltage, current, power used, pluse, etc.
  • Input Terminal, please notice is is L(Live), L(Live), N_LOAD (Neutral for load), N (Neutral), please notice it is NOT two pairs. Terminal pitch 5.08mm.
  • Cable terminals are included not soldered.  Current version cable terminal is pre-soldered on board.

About HLW8032:

  • The HLW8032 is a high precision energy metering IC that uses a CMOS manufacturing process and is primarily intended for single phase applications. It can measure line voltage and current, and can calculate active power, apparent power and power factor.
  • The device integrates two ∑-Δ ADCs and a high-precision energy metering core. The HLW8032 can communicate data through the UART port. The HLW8032 uses a 5V supply, a built-in 3.579M crystal, and an 8PIN SOP package.
  • The HLW8032 has the advantages of high precision, low power consumption, high reliability and strong adaptability to the environment. It is suitable for energy metering of single-phase two-wire power users.


  • Smart home appliances
  • Metering socket
  • Smart WIFI socket
  • Electric vehicle charging pile
  • PDU equipment
  • LED lighting
  • Street light control

Documentation please see on this page.

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3 reviews for Energy Meter HLW8032 Breakout Board

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    R2 (verified owner)

    Hi, could you provide connection scheme for esp8266 ?

  2. Rated 3 out of 5



    Only tested with arduino, not yet tried with esp8266, it should be same. Will make a tutorial and let you know here later. Thanks.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    xtmp (verified owner)

    have connected to wemos d1 mini with software serial lib, but board doesn’t send any data.

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