VAC Current Sensing Module 0-5A CT Sensor



The board combines by three parts, VAC current sensor, attiny 1604 controller core (arduino supported) and relay drive output.

VAC current CT sensor specifications:

  • VAC current range 0-5A load
  • Sensing precisions 0.01A (10mA)

ATtiny1604 microcontroller:

  • Lead out all pins of the chip on board
  • Simple and easy way to flash the code by UPDI prototol
  • Direct support OLED I2C
  • Pin Definitions:
    • Three analog value buttons on pin PA1
    • CT sensor input pin PA2
    • Input VDC power supply read on pin PA3
    • Relay control output on pin PA4
    • On board programmable LED output on pin PA5

Other Board Features:

  • On board 10A VAC control relay, for capacitive load like motors should be within 3A VAC
  • On board VDC power supply in up to 40V 3A, provide on board power around 4.8V
  • On board three analog input buttons

Shipment not includes the OLED, please buy or prepare by yourself.

Demo code to read sensor value please find at here, and demo video could find here.

Additional information

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