AVR ATmega 16 32 MCU Min-Dev. Board R2

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Classical ATmega 16 minimum development board, get rid off the soldering troubles

  • Good PCB technology, reasonable layout, stable performance
  • Standard ISP download port, for online programming.
  • Built-in crystal oscillator(11.0592M ) circuit, reset circuit, power indicator
  • Crystal are replaceable
  • All (32) the pins of chips are brought out  which are used to expand more functions.
  • ATmega16/ATmega32 and all DIP-compatible chips(Please check the schematic if you want it to fit another AVR IC before you buy, Socket package is PDIP-40 Wide)
  • Power supplier: Power 5.5mm Jack or pins, ISP power is not available
  • Four extra channels of external power (VCC and GND)
  • DC-005 Jack (5.5*2.1)
  • Reset: Both power reset and button reset
  • Power indicator and Programming working indicator


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1 review for AVR ATmega 16 32 MCU Min-Dev. Board R2

  1. alirahman9316 (verified owner)

    PCB quality and component soldering is excellent. My only complaint, albeit small, is that it came with an 8MHz crystal instead of 11.0592MHz crystal.

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