• See the pictures how it looks like before and after assembly, all DIP soldering.
  • Not Including the chip.


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5 reviews for ATMEGA8 Minimum System Dev. Kit Self-Soldering

  1. 4 out of 5

    Prabhjot (verified owner)

    It works damn good. Helpful tool for beginners.

  2. Ian (verified owner)

    The reset button is not grounded correctly on the boards that I received, however quick job to fix…

  3. 5 out of 5


    Good project to start out on. I’ve used one of these to program chips for other boards that don’t have ISP connector. Crystal is a little tight, between headers while it seemed loose in socket, but i’m used to soldiered in crystals. work OK and a good small module for quick projects.

  4. 3 out of 5 (verified owner)

    The red boards have a reset button grounding problem. They left off connection to ground on the bottom of the board. I have notified Chow He. You have to scrape some solder mask away from around one of the ground pins and solder bridge the pin to the ground plane. It’s not a major but it’s very inconvenient to have to do this to every board you buy. Other than that it’s an excellent board and works well. If you solder in the crystal, make sure you put something small under the case while soldering it so it doesn’t short something out (don’t solder it flat to the board). Would have given a higher rating if the unit was like the older blue boards.

  5. Chao (store manager)

    Thanks for the info, we have the found the problem and fixed. Thank you!

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