• All 23 IO pins leaded out.
  • Classic ATmega8 minimum system, eliminating the hassle of soldering
  • Crystal: The socket hole welding facilitate the buyer to replace the crystal, the default hair 8M crystal
  • Power supply: ISP port or external pins, three channels of power supply on the pins.
  • Reset: Power-on reset and reset button
  • External expansion 4 led lights, convenient debugging
  • Power LED (DS1)
  • Standard ISP download interface, board do not need extra power supply, use directly ISP power.
  • Tested by customer, can work with arduino IDE, uploading sketch is no problem

Documentation: Schematic avaialble on this link.

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Weight 0.04 kg

2 reviews for AVR Atmega8 168 328 Min. Development Board

  1. 5 out of 5

    andy (verified owner)

    Great price. Both of mine have the 8MHz xtal in a socket, so it’s easy to replace with a 16MHz one.

    The ZIF socket isn’t really needed, if all you want it for is to make a smaller version of an Uno, but it means it would make a good boatloader programmer, to put an Uno bootloader on a blank Atmega328P – see – you need an Uno board with the 328P removed, and some jumper wires and either a second Uno board, or a solderless breadboard, or one of these and an M-F DuPont cable. I think the ZIF socket on this makes it one of the better options for doing that.

  2. 5 out of 5

    kremen (verified owner)

    very handy unit.. i use it mainly for uploading the bootloader and setting fuses. also as a quick and simple test bed for projects.. 16MHz crystal option is nice..

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