SP200S+ USB ISP Programmer (For MCUs, EEPROM, etc)


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  • Compact size
  • USB interface communications and power supply, high communication speed, and no need external power supply, use USB IC CH341
  • Single 40Pin locking design, also supports 8PIN, 20PIN and 40PIN ICs
  • Built-in CPU, programming speed, precise timing, not affected by computer configuration
  • Powerful, easy to operate, the hardware without any manual settings
  • Support of ATMEL / WINBOND / SST/ MCS51 MCU, and support ATMEL / MICROCHIP / ST 24,93 series of serial memory
  • Support ATMEL Corporation MCS51 series and AVR MCU download Programming (ISP)
  • This item don’t have any use manual, you only need to install the driver or programming downloader on your PC, and place the chip on the programmer, then you can start to download directly.
  • Supported programmer: STC-ISP for STC, WLPRO for AVR, MSPFET for MSP, any alternative programmer you like can work too.


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