ATtiny Mini Dev board Series [IC]




These are three types of Attiny mini development board, based on attiny series ICs 2313A, 85 and 44A.


  • Compact size. breadboard friendly.
  • Only a few necessary peripheral circuits: reset buttons, ICSP programming port, crystal (attiny85 don’t have) and decoupling capacitors.
  • All the pins are lead out, so for attiny 85 SOP-8 package, 8 pins lead out, and 14 pins for attiny44, 20 pins for attiny2313.
  • Attiny2313 and Attiny44 has on board 16mhz crystal.
  • Great for small projects that request a small MCU and compact size PCB.
  • Can be programmed for arduino.Get a USBASP will make all work every easy.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    xr4tch3tx (verified owner)

    I love these tiny boards, cheaper than buying the chip alone. Although with the crystal being 16MHz instead of 20 you will need to add a board version to the arduino IDE

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