[Retired]ATtiny2313V – 10PU, AVR, 20 Pin, 10MHz, 2K


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    liuferdinand (verified owner)

    Correction: “V” variant of ATtiny2313 max frequency is 10 MHz.
    20 MHz is for ATtiny2313 without “V”.
    Main consideration for using ATtiny series is for it’s low power consumption for low-computing power devices/modules, i.e. it draws less than 20 uA in 32 kHz freq including power used by it’s internal oscilator in active mode. In 1 MHz (1.8V), it uses power 230 uA, up to 4.2 mA in full speed (10 MHz, 4V).
    Standby mode only uses power less than 0.1uA (if power-consuming features such watch-dog timer, analog comparator, etc.are turned off).

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