High Power Interactive LED Panel 25W


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This is a large high power led panel with 140pcs 570 LEDs and a few interactive features.

Board Features:

  • On board 20x7pcs 5730 LEDs provide 20-30W high brightness
  • Heat dissipation on the back of the PCB, temperature rise within 10 degree on full-function and on time use.
  • Four installtion holes


  • On board control chip attiny202, support by arduino IDE
  • On board push button on pin 3
  • On board Infared input on pin 2 (please notice Infrared library may not be fully compatible with this new attiny yet)
  • On board PWM drive on pin 7
  • Lead out attiny202 serial TXD pin, programming pin UPDI and power supply pins
  • Power supply detection on pin 5

Power Supply:

  • Support to use with lihtium battery on B+ and B-
  • On board power regulator 7805, allow power supply in up to 20V on SO+ and SO-
  • Power indicator LED color red

Demo video please see here.

Simple demo sketch please see here.

Use guide please see here.

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