AC-DC Isolated Power Module EDP1, 5W 5V 12V 800mA


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  • Dimension 4*1.5*1.8 CM, compact size.
  • Withstandad/insulation voltage: 2000VAC
  • Better than common THX208 AC-DC, well supported for IOT project like ESP8266
  • Easy install, for buck order we provide resolder pins on board
  • High efficiencey, low voltage ripple, high output voltage precision +-1%
  • Has overload protection (over load 115%), short-connect protection (only use for short time, self-repair), over-current protection (>=1.1 times Iout)


  • Full range of AC input: 85-264VAC or 110-370VDC
  • Input frequency 47-63 hz
  • Input voltage 0.5/115VAC, 0.25/230VAC
  • Surge current: cold start 10A/230VAC
  • Efficiency: 70% for 5V, 75% for 12V
  • Standy by power consumption: <=150mW / 220VAC


  • 1A 5W for 5V, 0.5A 5W for 12V
  • Ripple: <=100mV for 5V, <=50mV for 12V

Dimension schematic see on this page.

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