GPRS Relay Control Board, VAC IN, Arduino Compatible (Not Include Module)



Please notice this the Main big board only, may provide more cheaper or more function GPRS module later, NOT include:

Board Features:

  • SIM800 connect to soft serial pins of atmega328P pin PD2 and PD2, which are arduino pins D2 D3.
  • Main MCU atmega328p running at 5V 16M, default flashed with arduino pro mini 5V/16M .
  • D4: SIM800 ADC connect. Analog value can be read via at commands
  • D5: SIM800 Boot pin, can be turn on by code. (pre-connected via jupmer to D5 pin)
  • D6, D7: Two ON/OFF Songle Relay Switch
  • D8: On Board programming LED.
  • FTDI programming port, arduino programming friendly.
  • On board solid AD-DC power unit, supply up to 800mA, well quality controlled by large reliable manufacture.


  • You will need CP2102 or FT232RL, etc, connect 5V, GND, TX, RX, RST to board relevant pin 5V, GND, RX, TX and DTR.
  • A standard FTDI connector wiring image could see here. 
  • Board pre flashed with arduino pro mini 5V/16M firmware, please choose this as board, and free to upload new code.

Based on arduino UNO firmware, easy to upload or edit code in arduino.

Package includes the main broad, NOT include core sim800c mini board and antenna, but include the female and male connector for core sim800c board.

  • Notice: current board can not fit into our relay board case, AC-DC unit is too big, will make next version supported.

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
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2 reviews for GPRS Relay Control Board, VAC IN, Arduino Compatible (Not Include Module)

  1. 2 out of 5

    rmerlob (verified owner)

    I bought a couple of these GPRS relay boards that I have not been able to make them work.
    They DO NOT get connected to the arduino IDE.
    Apparently they came with out bootloader.

  2. 3 out of 5

    Chao (store manager)

    Dear customer,

    We just checked our stock, all have bootloader.

    1.Please double check the wiring. see image here:

    2. Make sure you choose correct board, it should be pro mini 5V/16M.

    The programming guide is product description, please double check.

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