ED20 Tracker Board, GSM GPRS GNSS BT3.0 IOT R2


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  • Based on our ED20 module, Support GSM GPRS GNSS, advanced MT2503 tracker technology. Original CE CCC certificated. Support custom module label for buck order 20pcs
  • ED20 is  based on Quectel MC20 Mediatek MT2503 solution, some introduction info can see here.
  • Support power up to track, auto send GNSS (or LBS indoor) data to server by GPRS.
  • Speedy GNSS tracking, with our setup and next to window, normally position will be fixed in 30~40 seconds, precision is advertised within 10 meters, antenna is a must have.
  • Support LBS location indoor (precision is about within 500 meters by our test)

Breakout Features:

  • Please see attached image.
  • Board size 48*39mm
  • Support micro USB debugging via CH340E, 5V logic compliant, support maximum grogramming speed.
  • USD debugging and programming
  • Power solution:
    • 5V USB power directly, work smooth, good usb cable required
    • VIN – On board – MCP2315 DC-DC regulator, support 6-24V via VIN port
    • ! REMOVE 0R resistor to use this external voltage from 6-24V at Vin pin, otherwise will BURN CH340 USB-TTL IC
    • VBAT – 4.2V lithium battery support by module, via VBAT pin.
  • SPK2 can drive 8ohm speaker, SPK1 and MIC can work with normal microphone or speaker (like normal phone but not loud) in our store.
  • VRTC can backup RTC time, when power down can still store RTC time for a while.
  • All lead out pins:
    • UART1: TX RX GND, 5V compliant (V~ is CH340E step-down voltage, not use)
    • DBG-UART: TX RX GND, 5V compliant
    • PCM interface
    • GNSS can set to power off by external pin (GNSS_EN to GND)
    • GNSS UART TX RX (jumper to UART2)
    • UART2 TX RX (jumper to GNSS UART)
    • SIM2 interface
    • SD card interface
    • MCU power key drive by mosfet
    • ADC analog read pin
  • Nano type sim card (iphone type size)
  • SIM reserved ESD IC SMF05, but NOT placed

Full Customize IOT:

Package includes:

Update and TODOs:

Updated server:

  • Server can use iot.electrodragon.com or iot2.electrodragon.com, IP address is
  • Example tracking link is http://iot.electrodragon.com/2503/gps/g-170004020710.html

Test GPIOs:

  • DTR, RTS, etc all spare pins can support SPI, IIC and GPIOS, examples in wiki page, we will try to implement this.

Updated Board layout:

  • Slightly update board update for better production, nothing special change or update.

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