• Very mini size SIM868 development board, good for embeddable projects.
  • Only keep the basic 2G(GSM, GPRS), and GNSS functions ( GPS/GLONASS/BDS).
  • Compatible (power and logic) design, easy and simple to connect to any MCU system.
  • For more features of SIM868 can read on simcom webiste. Or find SIM868 specification on our wiki here.

Board Features:

  • 3.3V/5V Uart serial interface logic signal compliant, can work with arduino, raspberry pi, esp8266, etc.
  • On board network LED and 1PPS led.
  • Nano type size (iphone type) sim card holder.
  • Solid power, include a large power capacitor.
  • IPEX GSM and GPS anntena
  • Support button boot up module or by MCU GPIO.
  • Lead out RTC pin, with backup battery, GPS retrieve more quickier with backup data, and also backup RTC time.
  • Pin definition are NOT printed on board, please check attached image.


  • Test can work directly with arduino, use guide please see wiki page.
  • For long term use, simply add extra diode (shipment included) if use 5V power supply, for example arduino.
  • Please look for our “SIM868 Debug” wiki page if you encouter GNSS read problem.

Shipment include:

  • Main board, and one voltage drop from 5V to VBAT diode.
  • NOT include GPS antenna, please look for IPX, IPEX GPS antenna.

R1.1 version slightly optimize board layout, all antenna connectors on same side.


Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg
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