SIM808 Dev. Board (GSM+GPRS+GPS, Replacing SIM908)


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Smaller size than SIM908.

Bluetooth firmware upgradable but we only provide firmware, no more technical support, please try this yourself.

  • 5-18V power supply supported.
  • USB port can be very convenient.
  • Serial USB TTL compatible for 2.85V, 3.3V and 5v signal
  • GSM, GPRS, GPS {text messaging, data transmission, positioning} triple function.
  • Quad-band communications, globally available. , AT command operation, can support SMS, phone, GPRS data, GPS data is automatically output, embedded TCP protocol to support transparent mode and command mode, supports HTTP protocol to support DTMF decoding, support MMS, support recording function, and so on.
  • IPX antenna connector
  • Reserved USB port (not solder) available for changing firmware. So you can update for bluetooth.
  • Shipment is board only, without antennas or any other accessories.
  • Board dimension 54*43 mm.
  • Buck order price $15.5 for more than 30pcs

Accessories need to be purchased alone:

Documentation please see on this page.

GPS/GNSS Series:

GSM/GPRS Series:


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14 reviews for SIM808 Dev. Board (GSM+GPRS+GPS, Replacing SIM908)

  1. Jorge Luis (verified owner)

    I am testing this module.
    When I send AT comands for GSM all works fine, but If I send a GPS commands ever returns error.


    +CSQ: 25,0


  2. Jorge Luis (verified owner)


    I reset the module to factory values and all works fine.
    comand: ATZ

  3. jayaram

    Hi Jorge Luis
    Even I give ATZ I am getting reply for AT+CGPSPWR=0 as error
    plz help me

    • Jorge Luis (verified owner)

      Hi jayaram.
      Try with AT+CGNSPWR=1
      It’s possible your SIM808 works on Glonass

      Good Luck

  4. Raj Ajimal

    Does this work OK with arduino? I understand this isn’t a shield but RX and TX the pins should communicate via Software Serial?

    • Jorge5a (verified owner)

      Yes. Hoy can connect the module to arduino. You could use 0-1 pins or other serial software pins.

  5. google987 (verified owner)

    Versatile module and works as expected.

  6. reza

    what in the board unused antenna bluetooth?
    i think sim808 support bluetooth!
    you can send me pinout connector?


  7. Miguel Chillitupa


    I have a problem with GPS. It works when I open the serial monitor, but, when I’m trying without, the GPS doesn’t get signal.

    Any Ideas?

  8. Chao (store manager)

    Normally GPS is off, you need AT commands to turn it on, am I correct? Not very sure about this. If not, should be some settings to set it ON on boot as default?

  9. nguyen


    I have a problem with GPS, the GPS doesn’t get signal.


    plz helpppppppp?

  10. 3 out of 5

    google987 (verified owner)

    I tried to turn on GPS but it always returns an error. Help.?

  11. 5 out of 5

    google987 (verified owner)

    Ok. I found the answer on arduino stack exchange.


    You should use GNS instead of GPS in your AT commands. Hope this helps.

  12. 5 out of 5

    Felipe Laurindo


    I am just a begginner and I’d like to know if after it be configured through Arduino Uno it will be able to “track” without Arduino uno. Is that possible? Ask you that because all videos i’ve ever seen it’s always connected to an Arduino device.


  13. 3 out of 5

    Chao (store manager)

    You need to send AT commands to control this board, use MCU like arduino is more easy to send commands, also can use PC computer. Not very sure better idea.

  14. 5 out of 5

    zang206 (verified owner)

    As an answer to some previous questions you do need to connect to an MCU in order to properly use this module and this version of the SIM808 uses the GNS commands not the GPS commands. Also my module already had the Bluetooth version of the firmware loaded and I did not have to upgrade the firmware in order to use the Bluetooth commands. Just had to solder on an antenna connector and attach a Bluetooth compatible antenna and it worked great.

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