Ublox 6th IC GPS module, This is a replacement of Sirf IV GPS module (you can also take a look of the demo video of it), much much better performance of this one!

Fully New design based on Ublox 6th generation IC, add antenna signal processing circuit and backup circuit, in order to fully enhance the performance of IC searching capability.

  • Wide input voltage: 3.0 – 5.5V
  • Current:39 mA
  • Cold Start: 27 second (default)
  • Warm Start: 27 second (default)
  • Hot Start: 1 second (default)
  • Reflash frequency: 5 Hz
  • Accurancy: 2.5 Meters (3 – 10 meters in real test)
  • Maxium Sea Level: 50,000 Meters
  • Maxium Speed: 500 Meters/ per second
  • Size: 3 * 3.3 * 1.2 CM
Design features:
  • All the components are located in the ESD shield.
  • 2.54 standard pins (90 degree)
  • High performance ceramic antenna
  • Green LED indicate when stars are found(every 1 second),
  • GPS datas ouputs when power up, easy to use, TTL signal, 3mm screw position hole for DIY.
  • Backup cirsuit keep the data of 5 days, so it’d better use every 5 second

Additional information

Weight 0.02 kg

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Very Nice device well worth every penny spent. I bought on and Plugged it into a working Arduino sketch connected to a small TFT “2.4” display and it was right on and working within 20 seconds of activation. In My House. Great Device. Great Price too.

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