TC35 GSM GPRS Dev [Module. Kit]


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  • The board wide voltage input, standard 7-24V  rated input voltage can be increased according to your needs, 12 * 12 high-power inductor and capacitor Panasonic quality design, the board running super stable. [5-24V input can also,5-24V input can only be used for the TC35 module]
  • Board with the [the Siemens the SDK standard circuit], manually start and MCU start since the launch of three modes;
  • Serial three mutual transfer port design, according to actual needs required shorted; leads TTL interface to facilitate other MCU development board control and data communications.
  • SIM card support SIM card holder drawer [8 feet] and flip-SIM card holder [6 feet], support Mobile, China Unicom, Tianyi.
  • Onboard quality serial level converter chip, connected to the computer via a nine-pin serial port, and PC software development board for testing and development.
  • The board leads all pin for you to use all the features of the module.

The advantage of our module:

  • Module automatically start, use a MAX810 automatic reset accurately comply with the requirements of Siemens module, not a few rough start the RC.
  • Meet the high power requirements, and if the power is not enough may cause the module to dropped calls, the other will be prompted to call you dialed is not in service, or unable to connect “inexplicable. Super stable version of the sub-4 high-power capacitors and a high-power inductors with the work.
  • Power requirements, and those using 3.3V small current simple conversion chip supply is unstable, unexpected turn on the 3.3V module power-down situation. The module requires a voltage of 3.3V-5.5V, the Siemens manual recommended voltage for insurance purposes.
  • Serial communication, max232 need to supply 5V. 3.3V to Siemens TC35 module power supply is unstable, often serial crash.
  • Power default 7-24V wide voltage input can also be switched to 5-24V input [5-24V only applies to TC35 module]

See the schematic, pins configuration here.

Demo Video:


  • Kit 1 includes Main TC35 Module; Power Supply; RS232 Cable and Aluminium Case
  • Kit 2 only inlcudes Main TC35 Module.

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3 reviews for TC35 GSM GPRS Dev [Module. Kit]

  1. chathura (verified owner)

    This was great. I took it two weeks back and its good and cheap… need to buy another soon

  2. 4 out of 5


    As I know, this module doesn’t have TCP stack embedded, so it is useful for SMS send/recieve, calling only.

  3. 5 out of 5

    quecg2 (verified owner)

    After more than 3 years after buying this product, I’m fully satisfied and even did a full library for it on python2.7/3 for Linux AND Windows:


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