[Retired] SIRF3/REB3571 GPS Module (High Performance)


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  • Including TTL and 232 two ways output
  • Including backup battery in order to enable the warm boost function.
  • Use 2.54 standard pinouts, and also including second pluse ouput and display,
  • You can detect the status by LED on chips (flashing green LED means sucessfully located).
  • You can always receive at least 4-12 satellites on your open yard, cost-efficient product with perfect performance!

Pins from left to right:

VCC(5V)、TTL-TX、TTL-RX、232-TX、232-RX、PPS(second pulse)、GND

Data pack received after boosting one minutes:



  • Chip: SIRF3 / REB3571
  • Sensitivity: -159DB
  • Power when searching: 45mA
  • Power after searching: 35 mA
  • Size: 25.4(Length) x25.4(Width) x3 (Height) mm
  • Weight: 7g
  • Working temperature: –40°C —- +80°C
  • Storing temperature:  –45°C —- +85°C
  • Operating voltage:  3.3 +/- 5%V(VDC)
  • Satellite channels: 20
  • Refreshing frequency: 1 second
  • Location time(average) warm boost:1 second
  • Warm boost:38 second
  • Cold boost:42 second
  • Location accuarcay:10 Meters(CEP)
  • Speed:0.1 meter/second
  • Time:1 mill second
  • Working range: low than 18000 meter
  • speed: less than 515 meter/ second
  • Output format: TTL
  • Data output (nmea0183) GPGGA, GPGSA, GPGSV, GPRMC, GPVTG,GPGLL available to choose.
  • Earth coordinate system: WGS84
  • Data speed: 4800,9600,38400 available to choose
  • antenna: external

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  1. 4 out of 5


    I just managed to melt mine while trynig to solder on leads. Incidentally, the USB-serial dongle has a screw behind the label on the back don’t try to pry it apart.Actually, got it to work fine with Arduino. The unit only need three wires, and outputs TTL serial.

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