• Based on basic sim800c version, aiming for the cheapest and smallest.
  • Total board size is 22.5 * 21 mm, the “hangout” is 15.5 * 3mm.
  • Can use standard 2.54mm pin head, or solder vertically on your main board.
  • Pin Deifnition – Boot key, VBAT, ADC, GND, TX, RX
  • Boot key can be drived by MCU IOs.
  • 3.3/5V compliant Serial UART interface.
  • Vbat 4.2V power supply, if power from 5V, can use a diode 1N400x to drop voltage to 4.2V, see more on wiki page. No need DC-DC, confirmed this by simcom.
  • Nano sim card size (iphone size)
  • Netlight LED on backside of the board.
  • Solid 680uF/6.3V tatanlum capacitor to against current burst.
  • IPEX GSM connector.

R2 version:

  • Lead out most pins from SIM800C:
    • All Serial pins: RXD, TXD, DCD, RI, CTS, RTS. Also 5V logic compliant pins: M_RXD, TXD
    • Voice and speaker pins: SPKN, SPKP, MICN, MICP
    • Second serial port: RXD2, TXD2
    • USB port: VUSB, DM, DP, GND.
    • Other misc pins: VRTC, ADC, VDD_EXD, status, netlight
    • Power supply in: GND, VIN (5-4V compliant)
  • Pin pitch 2.0mm, board size 27×27.5mm.
  • Main functions compatible with SIM7020E here.
  • Bluetooth function available to use, also lead out antenna connector

R3 RTU version:

Sim800C documentation please see on this page.

Additional information

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Board version

R1, R2, R3-RTU


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