SIM7020E 4G NB-IOT Mini Development Board R2

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SIM7020E is the NBIOT module from SIMCOM (4G LTE NBIOT band), the great thing is unlike other NBIOT module, SIM7020E supports almost all bands, includes: B1/B3/B5/B8/B20/B28, no compatible issues, and same price like any other NBIOT modules.

SIM7020E Features:

  • NB-IOT network registration is very fast, unlike normal 2G module, only 10 seconds (say 5-20 seconds) to register on network.
  • Originally AT commands support MQTT or COAP, etc.
  • More advanced developed functions, working netlight led, support ADC read, etc.
  • Simple, compact package size, which is also compatible with SIM800C.
  • Supported band B1 B3 B5 B8 B20 B28


  • You need NBIOT SIM card to use the module, not normal sim card. And need 2.4 IPEX UFL antenna.
  • NBIOT network is under developing, you may need to upgrade the firmware of module from time to time for latest features.

R2 Board Features:

  • Mini board size, 29 x 27 mm.
  • Lead out most of the module pins.
  • Board layout is 80% compatible with our SIM800C R2 mini board.
  • Lead out pin header 2 row * 13 pins, 2.0mm pitch, distance is 24.5mm
  • On board high performance LDO, up to 12V (max 16V) 500mA, provide power supply.
  • 2.4G antenna IPEX UFL connector.
  • Nano (iphone type) SIM card holder.
  • On board netlight LED, can be disconnected via jumper.
  • On board power up key.
  • No more USB connector, please just buy a USB connector and connect to four pins VUSB, DP, DM, GND.

Pin Functions:

  • U1V_RXD, U1V_TXD: uart1 txd and rxd pin via logic shifter, 5V compliant
  • IO0: GPIO 0
  • VDD: VDD 3.3V from module
  • RI DTR DCD CTS RTS RXD TXD: Full UART1 pins, extra pins can be used as GPIO or other control functions, please refer to datasheet.
  • M_K: external MCU control pin, pull high to power on module
  • U2TXD, U2RXD: uart2 pins, can be used for upgrade firmware.
  • VUSB, DP, DM, GND: USB debug pins
  • RST – reset, ADC – analog read pin, V_ext: power supply logic, STAT: status logic, NET: netlight
  • GND, VIN: Power supply in, support up to 12V.

Quick start guide:

  • USB port is NOT working for debugging, please do not connect to use it.
  • Please use a USB-serial adapter like CP2102 or FT232RL, connect 5V, GND, VTXD and VRXD.
  • Must well attached the SIM card and 2.4Ghz antenna.
  • Hold down the side button for 3-5 seconds until LED start to blink,.
  • Now you can send AT commands via serial uart COM port.

R1 version is stopped, if you need please contact us to book.

Test debug guide please see on this page. 


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2 reviews for SIM7020E 4G NB-IOT Mini Development Board R2

  1. eceronv (verified owner)

    Perfect item, suitable for fast iot projects

  2. Manolis N

    schematics on wiki are not public, please share

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