SIM7020E 4G NB-IOT Mini Development Board R2

SIM7020E 4G NB-IOT Mini Development Board R2




SIM7020E is the NBIOT module from SIMCOM (4G LTE NBIOT band), the great thing is unlike other NBIOT module, SIM7020E supports almost all bands, includes: B1/B3/B5/B8/B20/B28, no compatible issues, and same price like any other NBIOT modules.

SIM7020E Features:

  • NB-IOT network registration is very fast, unlike normal 2G module, only 10 seconds (say 5-20 seconds) to register on network.
  • Originally AT commands support MQTT or COAP, etc.
  • More advanced developed functions, working netlight led, support ADC read, etc.
  • Simple, compact package size, which is also compatible with SIM800C.
  • Supported band B1 B3 B5 B8 B20 B28


  • You need NBIOT SIM card to use the module, not normal sim card. And need 2.4 IPEX UFL antenna.
  • NBIOT network is under developing, you may need to upgrade the firmware of module from time to time for latest features.

R2 Board Features:

  • Mini board size, 29 x 27 mm.
  • Lead out most of the module pins.
  • Board layout is 80% compatible with our SIM800C R2 mini board.
  • Lead out pin header 2 row * 13 pins, 2.0mm pitch, distance is 24.5mm
  • On board high performance LDO, up to 12V (max 16V) 500mA, provide power supply.
  • 2.4G antenna IPEX UFL connector.
  • Nano (iphone type) SIM card holder.
  • On board netlight LED, can be disconnected via jumper.
  • On board power up key.
  • No more USB connector, please just buy a USB connector and connect to four pins VUSB, DP, DM, GND.
  • Low power features: idle mode 5mA, PSM mode 110-140uA. Usage guide here.

Pin Functions:

  • U1V_RXD, U1V_TXD: uart1 txd and rxd pin via logic shifter, 5V compliant
  • IO0: GPIO 0
  • VDD: VDD 3.3V from module
  • RI DTR DCD CTS RTS RXD TXD: Full UART1 pins, extra pins can be used as GPIO or other control functions, please refer to datasheet.
  • M_K: external MCU control pin, pull high to power on module
  • U2TXD, U2RXD: uart2 pins, can be used for upgrade firmware.
  • VUSB, DP, DM, GND: USB debug pins
  • RST – reset, ADC – analog read pin, V_ext: power supply logic, STAT: status logic, NET: netlight
  • GND, VIN: Power supply in, support up to 12V.

Quick start guide:

  • USB port is NOT working for debugging, please do not connect to use it.
  • Please use a USB-serial adapter like CP2102 or FT232RL, connect 5V, GND, VTXD and VRXD.
  • Must well attached the SIM card and 2.4Ghz antenna.
  • Hold down the side button for 3-5 seconds until LED start to blink,.
  • Now you can send AT commands via serial uart COM port.


  • FREE soldering work for pin header, please you need please add order note, solder on which side.
  • R1 version is stopped, if you need please contact us to book.
  • 10% discount for 20pcs order.

Test debug guide please see on this page. 


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  1. 4 out of 5

    eceronv (verified owner)

    Perfect item, suitable for fast iot projects

  2. 2 out of 5

    Manolis N

    schematics on wiki are not public, please share

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