This is a motherboard or a converter to hold normal 3G/4G, WWAN or PCIE module, and provide USB power supply + data communication.

And with following features:

  • On board SIM Slot
  • On board USB data interface
  • On board DC-DC USB VBUS to 3.3V board power supply
  • On board Power supply and filter capacitors, about 20-30 pieces.

Other Board Features:

  • Support many types of 3G, 4G modules, please see listed below at end.
  • SIM slot on backside for use.
  • When driver installed, can be recognized by OS, tested on windows, can use dialing software to operate.
  • On module locker on back end, to fully keep module firm inside, but very fragile notice.
  • On board reserved installation screws holes.
  • Product Size Specifications: 65 * 31mm
  • Mini PCI-E design meets the 1.30 version of industry standards
  • USB design in line with the USB 2.0 industry standard, backward compatible with the 1.1 specification
  • This adapter is suitable for module (USB bus) such as WWAN / 3G / WiFi with full height (30 * 50-51mm)
  • Working status LED real-time display

Working principle:

  • The mini PCI-E52pin interface includes USB signal and 3.3V voltage supply.
  • The adapter card converts the 5V voltage of USB interface to 3.3V through LDO chip, and supplies the module and USIM/SIM to work.
  • Generally if the 3.3V power supply, USB D+/D- pins matched to the motherboard, it should work.

Documentation please see here.

Package only includes the convert board, not include any PCIE modules!

A support list of most modules:

  • Huawei:
    • MU609 PCIE MU709S-2 PCIE MU709S-6 PCIE MU509-B PCIE MC509-A EM770 770J 770W EM820U 820W MU909-521 MU909s-821 MU909S-120 And so on.
  • ZTE:
    • MF210 MF210V1 MF210V2 AD3812 MC2716 ME3620 ME3630 ME3760 ME3610 and so on.
  • Long Shang:
    • U8300 U8300W U8300C C5300V U7500E and so on
  • Domain:
    • CLM920 full range of PCIE modules, CLM920-CN CLM920-CN3 CLM920-EC5
  • Move away:
    • UC20 full range of PCIE, EC20 full range of PCIE module
    • sim7100, sim7600 full range of PCIE module
  • Support sierra wireless, Telit, cinterion, Ericsson, SAMSUNG, China domain, Datang brands such as 3G 4G card, for the Internet through the USB port and the module Brush, debugging, testing and unlocking.

Additional information

Weight 0.04 kg

1 review for MINI PCI-E PCIE to USB Converter MotherBoard

  1. 4 out of 5


    Could i convert WiFI Mini PCI-e (Qualcomm Atheros) to usb link for using in Raspberry_Pi-3B or new Nano-Pi series!?
    I want a plug and play feature for working in Linux (Debian, Kali Linux)
    My Model: Qualcomm Atheros QCWB335

    I wait for for your response to this review….
    please send your answer to my mail address.

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