This arduino shield combine the wifi mcu module esp-12f and lora sub-1G RF module.

ESP8266 ESP-12F Features:

  • ESP-12F serial to Arduino serial, selectable D0 / D1 or soft serial D2 / D3
  • All pins lead out, is not connected nor occupy by Arduino IO port
  • Can be used independently, can be connected to a standard serial communication FTDI
  • ESP-12F can work as slave mode for arduino, or program independently.
  • ADC and ADC external voltage port lead out.
  • On board PROG programmable button, and ESP reset button.
  • Manipulate AT commands to get data from web see demo code here.

Lora Module SX1278/76:

  • Reserved but not place module.
  • D10 default used for lora chip select pin.
  • D5-D7 can connect via jumper to D1, D2, D5 lora DIO pins.
  • D2 default used for lora IRQ DIO0 pin.
  • Antenna not connected default, support pin, ipex, or sma type connector, suit your needs.
  • All lead out DIO D0 ~ D5 pins on side.


  • Extra DH11 socket, with 10K pull-up data pin.



Documentation please see on this page.

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