This is redesigned arduino bluetooth shield based on our BC04-A module, arduino stackable, and use use arduino pin 3 and 4 as software serial port for communication.


  • Master/Slave selectable, based on BC04-B module
  • LED indicator the bluetooth status, fast flashing means not paired yet, constant high status is paired. This is also connect to the arduino digital pin2.
  • Reset Button can clear the pairing status.
  • Prototype on board area.


  • UART D0/D1 or D3/D4: Use either software serial port of arduino digital pin 3 (RX) and 4 (TX), or original UART port of digital pin 1(TX) and 0 (RX)
  • Output to Pins or Arduino: Connect the uart of the bluetooth module to either external serial pins or to the arduino board.
  • Hardware/Software, Hardware Master/Slave Setup jumpers. When keep this not used, then will be setup by software.

Package include the main board only, for arduino type pin header, please buy from here.


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