This is a servo control and IO expansion board. It full compatible with Sensor Shield V5.0 and it is a enhancement version. You can control servo or all kinds of sensors through XBee or CC1101/SI4463 wireless board. And external power supply for servo allowed you drive more powerful servo, and it is optional between 5V on board and external power supply connector.Break out for SPI,IIC and UART bus make bus connect easier.

  • Power supply for servo optional between 5V on board and external (EXT), use switch on the top, control power suply of D0 ~D13.
  • Support Xbee, BTbee, CC1101 and SI4463 wireless board.
  • Break out for SPI,IIC,UART BUS
  • On boardReset button
  • Full compatible with Sensor Shield V5.0

Documentation on this wiki page.

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