ESP-12 Programmer Debugger


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  • Design for Wifi module ESP-12S and ESP-12F
  • Use custom pogo pins to connect module EN, RST, VCC, GND IO0, TXD and RXD.
  • Two extra pogo pins for optional pin IO2, IO15, which not soldered. You can use for any other IOs’ purpose.
  • One Reset button
  • Switch position function listed on board, easy to understand.
    • Pull up EN pin by switch
    • Reset connect to button by switch
    • IO0 default pull up, connect to ground by switch
    • IO2 pull up by switch (not very necessary)
    • IO15 pull down by switch (not very necessary)
  • May not support auto programming like arduino, may press reset to enter into flash mode.
  • Package not include the ESP-12F or ESP-12S module

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