ESP-12F Wifi Module, ESP8266, 4MB

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  • Breakthrough design, there are new breakthroughs, based on ESP-12E.
  • The new four-layer board design.
  • The new revision antenna RF performance optimization, communication distance is increased by 30% -50% compared to ESP-12E!
  • Semi-hole chip technology, the whole IO leads, with metal shielding shell
  • Passed FCC & CE & RoHS certification
  • Built-board PCB antenna
  • 4M bytes SPI Flash for programming.
  • Package – All unit packaing is in tape reel, 800pcs per reel.

Pins and footprint are fully Compatible with ESP-12E and our relevant breakout board.

Most of the documentation can refer to ESP8266 page. (ESP-12F datasheet)

ESP8266 Module Series
ESP-12F Common ESP8266 module version
ESP-12S Optimized from esp-12f, better antenna singal
ESP-07S Pin compatible with esp-12, IPEX connector to get greater signal
ESP-01S General DIP PTH version, less pin lead out, easy to use
ESP-01M Vertical stand on your PCBsave space and better signal
WROOM-02 Most certificated, best design by original Espressif.
  • Price will automatically update in cart page. $2.2 for more than 100pcs order.

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11 reviews for ESP-12F Wifi Module, ESP8266, 4MB

  1. Raj Badri

    will this work with ESP8266 SMD Adapter Board R2 ?

  2. Chao

    Yes, fully same as ESP-12E, and relevant breakout board.

  3. Gloria (verified owner)

    Like ESP-12E but better antenna design. Very good

  4. koursaros (verified owner)

    great value

  5. supply (verified owner)

    Recommended by electrodragon as replacement for the ESP-12E module. Pin compatible, and it works great.

  6. Bart

    Interesting module, easier to use on a breadboard than some of the other ESP12 modules

  7. porkyneal (verified owner)

    My favorite module to build into any PCB for WiFi needs. Good price and always pleasantly surprised on delivery times.

  8. Onur

    Can I program it via Arduino IDE – C/C++ programming language ?
    I’m using Node MCU V3 – 12E because it has Board choice in Arduino IDE but there is no 12F model.
    please give me to do list for program it in Arduino IDE.

  9. Chao

    Hi, They have a github page, you can find how to install and use here:

  10. nardev (verified owner)

    Very good price here and stablle, reliable shop, not like ebay… you never know what you gonna get there…

  11. nubcore (verified owner)

    These modules are a nice replacement to the ESP-12E, and have 4MB of SPI flash memory. Some people prefer the ESP-12S which doesn’t have the bottom row of pins, however I like to hack on some of the extra pins if you really want to take the time to tweak the most out of these. I use a custom build of MicroPython for these; code available here and from the official project at

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