Board Features:

  • Based on D1 mini ESP8266 WIFI board
  • Software based on PXmatrix library, please see details in documentaion.
  • Power supply in from DC5.5-2.1 power plug port, supply for D1 mini and Matrix panel
  • Lead out all signal pins, can be used for other purposes or ground them.
  • DIP toggle switch can turn on or off all signals from D1 mini.
  • Duplicate output port of panel on board in case you need cascade connection.

Package includes: Drive board + 40CM data cable default, connect to output of panel (longger cable for large board.)

Package NOT includes but need:

More documentation, demo video please see page here.

Matrix drive board series: by ESP8266, by Arduino, by raspberry pi,  by raspberry pi V2, by ESP32, by ESP32 DMA

Additional information

Weight 0.03 kg

4 reviews for RGB LED Matrix Panel Driver Board, ESP8266 WIFI R2

  1. Dietmar Henrich (verified owner)

    Works fine. Tested with P2.5 64×64 Matrix

  2. (verified owner)

    poor quality at base connector…
    I must use 5 Dupont wires to connect module to second connector of display instead provided cable
    I bought 2 modules.. both same problem..
    O not recommand this device…

    Image #1 from
    Image #2 from
  3. Chao (store manager)

    Hi niq_ro, thank you very much for the feedback. The cable won’t be the fragile part and defectived, we have tested some stock cables, and it seems all fine. If you worry about this, you can use a mutilemeter to check each lines’ connection. If it is good, you can double check the cable plug direction is correct or not, the protruding dot part on the cable should always match to the slot. Best regards!

  4. Nicu Florica

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