RGB Dot Matrix Display Drive WIFI Board, ESP8266

RGB Dot Matrix Display Drive WIFI Board, ESP8266


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Board Features:

  • Based on D1 mini ESP8266 WIFI board
  • Software based on PXmatrix library.
  • Demo test can see here.   And here.
  • Power supply in from DC5.5-2.1 power plug port, supply for D1 mini and Matrix panel
  • Lead out all signal pins, can be used for other purposes or ground them.
  • DIP toggle switch can turn on or off all signals from D1 mini.
  • Duplicate output port of panel on board in case you need cascade connection.

Package includes:

  • Drive board
  • 40CM data cable default, connect to output of panel (longger cable for large board.)

Package NOT includes but need:


Use guide:

  • Load sketch into D1 mini, plug on board to panel.
  • Connect the 40CM data pin from output of board to panel output.
  • Connect power supply from board to panel power pins.
  • Optionally turn on/off toggle switch in case the boot pins conflict with D1 mini.
  • Power on board or reset D1 mini, optionally turn on all toggle switches.

Demo Sketch based on PXMatrix library for our following panels:

More documentation please see page here.

Matrix drive board series: by ESP8266, by Arduino, by raspberry.

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