The new version of RGB matrix panel drive board, the first version please find here.

This drive or interface board allow raspberry pi to drive most sizes of RGB matrix panel, software can check hzeller repository, code by C or python. You can build very large indoor or outdoor screen and control by RPI.

This new version has following changes:
  • Removed the DS1302 RTC and EEPROM functions and circuits, which are not used by most customers.
  • Changed to angled connectors to lower the total height, so it can be fit into some enclosures, as customer requested. This is experimental, the connector also block the installation holes underneath, and outer of the PCB.
  • Added two channels of power supply, one channel of input power supply 5Vwith over-voltage and over-current protection, and same one channel of output power supply 5V.
  • Package included the 8.5mm connectors, but not soldered for the height reason.
  • Reserved 2*3 pin holes: 5V/GND/3V3
  • Reserved 1*2 pin holes: ROW_E to GND pin holes, default pull up.
  • Reserved free GPIOs: ID_SD ID_SC pins
  • Reserved 2*4 pin holes: E_BUFF / P4 / P8 / GND pins.
Reserved GPIOs:
  • Reserved GPIOs pins for the chain 3 last chip.
  • You can use the pins directly on the chain 3 hub75 output at logic 5V
  • You can also remove the last chain 3 74HC245 logic convert chip, and use pins directly from raspberry pi 3.3V logic

Any other suggestions please email us, we can continuously improve this.

Documentation, demos, more silimilar products please see on this page. 

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2 reviews for RGB Matrix Panel Drive Board For Raspberry Pi V2

  1. 3 out of 5

    François (verified owner)

    Looks usefull but without the schematics or a minimum of documentation it’s difficult to use.
    I’m still wondering what are the “extra-pins”.
    Unless they better document this adapter, I do not recommend it.

  2. 4 out of 5


    Francios, I was having similar challenges and found some;

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