The camera module originally get from the OEM supplier foxcomm of aple, used as build in front camera on mac intel 2133.


  • 1.3M pixels resolution.
  • Drive: Fully support on win7/8, linux, android, blackapple, operwrt route as a web cam, Raspberry pi, remote car cam, etc, etc .. (few system need driver)
  • USB cable: The camera used a 1.0mm pitch JST, very rare to find, we don’t recommended you to build it yourself, so we had a well-build logictech Black cable here, dual ESD protected, 1.8M length. Bad cable cause the cam can not be reorganized or very bad imaging quality due to a ESD reason.
  • Format: YUY2, MJPG (openwrt) for videos, bmp and jpg for photos.
  • Installation hole 68mm, total size 76×8.8mm
  • Lens: 10mm~ ++, Adaptive lens, the lens in front of the sensing cam part is glued, please try to remove the glue, or simply turn it by a plier carefully, will work. Can adapt to microspur at 10mm (see attached images)
  • Sensitivity: 2.0v/lux.sec
  • Image: 1280×1024 ~ 640×480, for details please see attached images.
  • Normal working temperature around 50 degree.
  • Please try to use professional video tools/software for it, system capture tool can not use all the settings.
  • A green LED on the side of the cam can change brightness according to ambient light (not yet tested).

Note: white cable 1M is not available now, black cable version is fully same except longer length 1.8M.

Documentation: Win 7 driver can find here.

Another Toshiba camera with night vision can find here.

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