Laptop Capture USB2.0 – AV Signal (NTSC, PAL)


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* You will need a RCA Male to Male cable to connect this capture and any other wireless camera, we don’t have it in store now, please prepare it in your own.

USB 1-way acquisition card appearance design uses elegant black, compact, only U disk size, easy to carry. Computer input signal of the digital TV set-top box can easily watch the recorded digital TV, built-in high quality stereo Audio ADC without going through the sound card recording, support 10bit video decoding and 16-bit audio decoding. Television image is clear and smooth, colorful.

Features introduced:

Standard USB2.0 interface, the latest technology USB AUDIO, stereo input and output, the input interface of AV and S-Video, TV, VCR, VCD, DVD, video cameras and other equipment output video images can be viewed on a desktop or laptop

  • suitable for playing PS2, WII, PS3, PSP, XBOx360 rides friends buy, connect with the computer, a shared display, it is convenient;
  • applies to transcription cassette DV tape, and simple applications such as video surveillance, less investment, easy to operate;
  • Install the drivers and applications, do not plug the USB capture card, finished restart your computer, and then plug it up, this is very smooth;
  • quality:

AV mode come from in terms of the quality of the input signal, the number of signal lines to over 300 lines, the effect is similar to that in the computer watching VCD, even if you are using other AV to VGA converter box, the picture quality will be, too. Product itself supports image resolution (720×576) has been higher than the the AV signal quality, the final image quality is determined by the input signal quality;

  • S-Video signal using an external device as the signal input source capture card, will further improve the video effect, in particular, must play DV users to give it a try.
  • different external acquisition software to behave differently, we can try in addition to the VideoStudio outside, such as: WINDVR, KMPlayer software, and finally determined in accordance with their own preferences.

Typical applications:

Transcription of security monitoring, DV video, game video, video telephony, video conferencing, card production computer, photographic, fingerprint analysis, audio and video mail, bank and stamping, medical analysis

Product Features:

  • U disk size, AV / SV video and audio capture, easy to carry;
  • Support USB2.0 480M ultra-high bandwidth, without having to open the chassis, hot-swappable, support laptop
  • Suitable for PC and laptop
  • adjust the screen size and maximum resolution up to 720 * 576 (PAL system), 24-bit true color 720 * 480 (NTSC)
  • support for the external video analog signals, real-time capture and compression;
  • latest technology USB AUDIO, stereo input and output
  • image brightness, contrast, saturation, color can be customized
  • can capture high-quality dynamic and static images acquisition screen is smooth and uninterrupted
  • S-VIDEO and VIDEO (composite) input terminal input interface, the video image on the computer watching video VCD, DVD, cameras and other equipment output
  • supports multiple file formats: AVI, MPEG-1/2/4, JPG, BMP and other real-time compression format to facilitate the production of the VCD / SVCD / DVD
  • compatible with Windows XP Sp2 / Vista / windows 7 32-bit compatible Direct8.1, 9.0
  • support 10bit video decoder and 16-bit audio decoding;
  • Built-in high quality stereo Audio ADC without the need for a sound card recording;
  • audience noise reduction, anti-interlaced display, complete elimination of the screen glitch;
  • can easily zoom image window (4:3 or 16:9) or full screen to watch TV programs;
  • provide video playback, picture browsing function;
  • supports BMP, JPG image format image capture function;
  • ultra-small size (92X30X14mm) and weighs about 30 grams;

System Requirements:

  • Free USB2.0 port
  • Windows XP Sp2 / Vista / windows 7 32-bit
  • Intel Pentium III 800 or more
  • 600MB hard disk space for installation, it is recommended to have more than 4GB hard disk space for the software to store video files
  • Memory: 256
  • Screen display resolution of at least 1024X768
  • Microsoft DirectX 9.0 (Windows 2000 recommended)
  • Microsoft Media Player 7.1 (Windows 2000 recommended installation)


  • USB video capture card
  • Manual
  • get the driver online from here.

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