HP 720P HD Laptop Embedded Web Camera, Dual Mic, Support RPI

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This is a very cool web camera developed by HP, it has many nice features such like drive free on RPI, dual microphone input.


  • High resolution up to 720P HD
  • Dual Microphone (not yet tested under Raspberry Pi RPI)
  • Drive free on Raspberry Pi, openwrt (MJPG), Windows from win 7, etc for video
  • 5pins connector on camera board
  • USB cable lengths 5 or 2 meters for choosing
  • OEM by Taiwan Chicony, also recognized this name in RPI
  • SunplusIT on board control IC


  • For the camera rack please check this link.
  • This item has unstable stock, so it may sold out later, and if you need buck order, please inquiry.
  • Can not provide any extra technical support, like android or so.

Package only includes on the camera with USB cable, NOT including the rack, please purchase it alone.

Basic Usage:

  • Update on your RPI
  • run lsusb you will find some line like: Bus 001 Device 006: ID 04f2:b2c3 Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd
  • install the simple capture tool: sudo apt-get install fswebcam
  • make an instant capture image: fswebcam electrodragon.jpg

See how to use it with motion here.

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3 reviews for HP 720P HD Laptop Embedded Web Camera, Dual Mic, Support RPI

  1. quecg2

    It works perfectly fine if you want to take pictures.
    It crashes (on Windows) after 10min of use if I do video with it.

  2. Chao (store manager)

    Should be something wrong on RPI side, need more test :S

  3. Kenneth (verified owner)

    works awesome use it with octoprint to capture my printers for timelapse

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