Sound Whistle Tone Frequency Picker LM567



Adjustable Frequency Identification voice module, provided example at 1KHz voice recognition, only 1KHz frequency sound to trigger the LED, sound of the other frequencies will be filtered out.


  • On-board frequency discriminator can identify the audio signal of a fixed frequency.
  • Onboard amplifier, microphone sound 100 times magnification, and the output from the connector pins.
  • The input frequency range of 300Hz to 20KHz. (20Hz – 20Khz is audible for human ear)
  • Distance :0-5m, this parameter depends on the decibels of the sound source.
  • 5 V DC power supply;
  • The frequency discriminator identify the frequency output of the frequency discriminator.
  • Set up another to set the frequency, the output of the switch.
  • Precision multi-turn potentiometer to adjust the frequency.
  • Compact size: 38 X 18mm, saving space.
  • 3mm screw holes for easy installation.

Documentation on this page.

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