Can drive up to 1A, 42V, for example:

  • 3x parallel x 12x serial x 1W LEDs.
  • or 12x serial x 3W LEDs.


  • Input voltage support 3.6V~36V,
  • 12V is most recommended. But also can use lithium 4.2V battery (no more than 10W @ 4V). You can find test images here.
  • Notice connect load first, then supply power on, the board can be destroyed if no load when powered up.

Output Setup:

  • Default drive current is: 0.22V / 0.34R (two parallel 0.68R) = 0.647A.
  • If remove one resistor, output current is 0.22V / 0.68R=0.32A
  • Reserved through-hole resistor soldering place, you can add setup resistor if you need

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